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About Me

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"A good photographer is a person who communicates a fact, touches the heart and makes the observer a different person"

Irvin Penn


Portfolio & Description

Photography is a universe, the most concrete and immortal, the most sincere. The caresses of the reflected light on the faces portray the spontaneity of the soul and feelings of being. And as we look at those moments of life flowing between our fingers, photography speaks to us with the alphabet of memories and emotions, giving rise to a divine tale.

Roberto Alessi's photography is an expression of light and its expressions, the chiaroscuro that draw and stop the time crystallized in current photoreportage methods characterized by spontaneous images shooting, palpitating details and suggestive atmospheres.

Roberto Alessi's photography is pragmatic and at the same time able to give a perennial dream to those who become protagonists and subjects. The perfection and care of a professional photography is the result of an experience gained over time, of a passion blown away after shots, of a refined setting and guided by the sensitivity to the poetry of events.

Camouflaged in the context, one with the goal, Roberto Alessi captures the most sublime instances of human experience with a discretion that only lovers can have.

The natural nature of the subjects filtered by Roberto Alessi's photography becomes everlasting, immanent and present reminders of otherwise inaccessible moments.

Photography as art that shakes our inner being and provokes excitement.

Photography as a superior synthesis of knowledge and technique exalted by an emotional component that makes Roberto Alessi one of the most valued professionals in the industry.

Because every action, person or gesture immortalized by photography will remain "forever ours".

And thanks to Roberto Alessi and to the alchemy that gives life to every one of your photographs every moment you want to preserve intact in your heart and in memory will be "forever yours".



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