Choose the details

It is not always easy to decide which details to include in my photographs. Especially if it’s a photo set for my studio. In most cases I rely on my creativity and instinct, it works a bit like a thunderbolt. So, by chance, I look around and an object captures my attention, so I let myself be inspired by what that detail transmits to me.

In the studio starts from scratch. Even before my clients arrive I dedicate myself to the preparation of the lights, measuring them one by one, because everything is perfect. So I look at my subject and try to create the atmosphere around him, especially with the kids I like playing with colors. In children the details are fundamental, so I ask my parents to bring me something important to them: a blanket, a plush or a particular dress.

I hardly ask my subjects to pose, especially if they are children, I prefer to let them be comfortable and move naturally to capture the most beautiful moments. The thrill of a New Born service is inimitable, but the spontaneity of a baby that smiles or starts walking is a unique and wonderful thing to envelop in your memories.

In the case of New Born services, the things that attract me most are small details, often I sit on the small hands that intertwine, the soft bare feet, or the folds of an arm or a gambina, a mocking expression or the forehead Slightly corrugated by tears.

A few days ago I took some photos to little Sara. Before I knew her I had chosen a wood-colored background, I was absolutely sure of what I wanted for the set, but as soon as I saw it I let her inspire her. I did not need anything, just a blanket and soft puppets. This was the result.