Me and my dad

“Me and my dad” is the name of the mini session that has kept me busy in the last days.

For Father’s Day we have proposed a mini session dedicated to all those children who, even with the complicity of mothers, wanted to give their father not just a gift, but something more. Something that would remain forever indelible in their memory.

Taking photographs for a photo shoot is a bit like stopping to read the chapter of a book. The life of each of us is made up of countless pages that other people are part of. Some chapters will be boring, others full of significant details.

In this case my task is to tell the emotions of those in front of me, focusing only on the few pages that everyone will want to show me. In most cases I do not fully know the people who come into my studio, so it’s a bit like opening a book on a random page and starting to read. I rely completely on the people in front of me. I try to collect every little detail. Every glance, every expression could be something unmissable in their history.

Choosing to take pictures with someone is like a true declaration of love. A photograph is something that will remain forever, it is a long paragraph of our life. Give a photo shoot to someone means to remind them that this love will remain forever.

Love for one’s parents is something unique and immense, something that nobody should forget. Precisely for this reason we have chosen to offer this mini session for Father’s Day.

They are all different children and fathers who came to the store to take their pictures, but in the gallery I chose to put a couple particularly important for me. I met Mauro on the occasion of his wedding and I was very happy to immortalize the great affection that binds him to his little Giacomo, who wanted to give this service to his dad with the help of his mother Simona.