Photographing Christmas

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year, and for us photographers it turns out to be a great opportunity to capture beautiful photographs.

Every year in December, cities are filled with lights and Christmas trees. The windows are submerged by every kind of gift. The streets of the center are populated with people looking for the last thought and the children who run hoping sooner or later to see the first snowflake fall from the sky.

Taking pictures is for me my job but above all my passion, this is why I chose to give a mini session to all the children who wanted it during the Christmas period. Christmas is a special moment and it was good to see the magic in their eyes. In my shots I wanted to portray the looks illuminated by the lights of the Christmas tree, their desire to play with what surrounded them, but above all I looked in their faces the dreams that this Christmas would bring them.

I hope that through these photographs you have managed to capture the warmth of the Christmas spirit that I have heard in these last days.

I write this article to make you my best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. But before closing I would like to leave you with a little and simple advice: take pictures! Go and look for that camera forgotten in the drawer for years and photograph every moment more beautiful than your Christmas. Take a picture of your children unwrapping gifts, your four-legged friend with wet eyes under the table waiting for him to taste the Christmas dinner. Photograph the grandfather who searches for the numbers on the tombola card or the uncle who falls asleep on the couch. Join the excitement. Photograph every moment to keep and remember the magic of this Christmas.