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Mini Christmas Session 2019

Time is running out and Christmas is getting closer. The lights are all ready to accompany us on our Christmas purchases, until the exhausting search for the last gift. And with the illuminations also our studio prepares to fulfill your every wish. Like every year we have equipped ourselves to accommodate your every request: from small customizable gadgets to mini Christmas sessions, an excellent idea for those who want to treat themselves or give something special. This year, more than […]

Pregnancy shooting – Alessia

She is Alessia. Alessia was one of the first girls who chose to pose in my new studio. The shop had just been renovated, and I had recently returned to this environment. I have always taken pictures for weddings and outdoor events, but it was a long time since I had dedicated myself to studio photography. Of course, the technique had been established for years, but practice is what makes a good photographer what it is. We did not know […]

Photographing Christmas

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year, and for us photographers it turns out to be a great opportunity to capture beautiful photographs. Every year in December, cities are filled with lights and Christmas trees. The windows are submerged by every kind of gift. The streets of the center are populated with people looking for the last thought and the children who run hoping sooner or later to see the first snowflake fall from the sky. […]

Any ideas for Christmas? We offer you a mini session in the studio

Christmas is also coming this year and with him the decorations to prepare, the lunches to be organized, but especially these days we begin the frantic pursuit of the many gifts. And if you have not thought of everything here, what could you do to your case. I am of the opinion that photographs are one of those gifts that never grow old, just because they are something that helps us to remember what we have been and what we […]


“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” (Martha Grahm). Dance is an art that can communicate something beyond any language. Unlike writing and word it does not depend on a predefined language. Dance, such as music and photography, is one of those arts that we can call “universal”. Anyone in the world has the ability to observe and understand a photograph, of course, will take on different meanings based on the culture of those who observe it, but everyone […]

Reflections on black and white and its shades

Why choose black and white now that we live in a color world? Many have come to this and are still asking this question. Well, first of all, it must be remembered that the author’s photo is born purely as black and white photos. Today, we are used to the hundreds of colorful shots of the most advanced mobile phones, which are mostly applied filters to give a vintage effect. Our eyes are not used to black and white, they […]

Light and photography

“The light can do everything, shadows work for me, shadows, and light.” These are the words of US painter and photographer Man Ray, the leading exponent of the Dadaist avant-garde. The light for a photographer is something absolutely indispensable. This does not only mean that a photographer needs a good light to take beautiful pictures, but means to use it, use it to convey something. The light for a photographer is like the colors for a painter. In art, light […]

My shop, my second home

I opened my first store about 17 years ago. It was a small and unhelpful place. However, in that somewhat sleepy place and a little unattractive I could see my dream come true. That shop was for me to carry out my studies. I could not complain. At that time he worked really well. Apparently I did not need anything else. I was there, my photos and a place to welcome my clients. But, with time and with the increase […]

Pregnancy Shooting

Pregnancy is one of the greatest privileges of life. Becoming Mom is the greatest gift a woman can receive, yet before we can get there, she has to face nine long, intense months of emotion and pain. Pregnancy is an extremely difficult phase for a woman: the body changes, the hormones go crazy and above all find themselves sharing a space as small as their own body with a person who does not even know and grows inside of her. […]

Welcome in Turate Don Marco Ferrari

This Sunday, June 18, 2017, I had the pleasure of attending the celebration of the First Mass of Don Marco Ferrari in the parish of the Apostles Peter and Paul at Turate. Thanks to the invitation by the pastor don Maurilio I managed to take some photos, making this important event memorable. in procession led by the notes of Santa Cecilia’s Music Corps, who led him to the altar where he celebrated the Holy Mass. Many have wanted to accompany […]