Mini Christmas Session 2019

Time is running out and Christmas is getting closer. The lights are all ready to accompany us on our Christmas purchases, until the exhausting search for the last gift.

And with the illuminations also our studio prepares to fulfill your every wish. Like every year we have equipped ourselves to accommodate your every request: from small customizable gadgets to mini Christmas sessions, an excellent idea for those who want to treat themselves or give something special.

This year, more than any other, I received a great request from all of you. So I decided to devote myself to two sessions, so that everyone could participate and thus satisfy even those that were your requests. For those who had not yet seen the advertisements and were interested, here is how they work.

The first mini session will start on December 8th and will end with the arrival of Santa Claus, exactly on December 24th. As always, the mini Christmas sessions are mostly dedicated to children, but our studio can also accommodate adults and families on request. And the set? Obviously everything with a Christmas theme: snowflakes, Christmas trees, large parcels, reindeer and goblins. For the little ones it will be a great thrill to be protagonists of this magical world and moreover they will be able to keep with them the memory of a special Christmas. Because everyone knows, every Christmas is unique and magical, just like the emotions contained in a photograph. And in short, given that Santa Claus thinks about toys why not give something that remains eternal?

The second one is dedicated to all those who want to make a photo calendar. In fact, it will start on the same days but will continue until the end of January to allow us to change sets with the arrival of the new year.

Find all the details on our facebook page or contact us directly, we will be happy to give you any information.