The advantage of having a second photographer

Today, I will try to answer one of the questions that many ask: why choose to have a second photographer on the day of your wedding?

It is generally thought that the presence of two photographers at marriages is a pure practice and one of them would be enough. Indeed, if we think, two eyes are enough to attend a wedding. Actually, for those who work in the industry, they know that having an assistant or even better a second photographer gives them the ability to work more peacefully.

The main reason for choosing a second photographer is very simple. Through a second camera you can observe the scene not only from different points of view, but also to focus more on details and different perspectives. Details that could otherwise be lost by a single photographer.

The presence of multiple photographers allows you to observe the scene from different angles, a 360 degree view. Each moment of the ceremony consists of small moments that would be impossible to capture for a single photographer. If we think of the exchange of faiths, we can focus on the main scene, watching the spouses in full, while the second photographer may find an accomplice among the brides or the gestures of their hands. In this case, there would be no obligation to select a single shot.

A wedding is like a puzzle: composed of so many small pieces that happen at the same time. Having two photographers also means having two people able to portray different locations at the same time.

For those who work in the environment, it is well known that the presence of an assistant is not a small thing, because in the absence of the second photographer, the assistant has the ability to change the lens without losing time to the photographer focused on the scene. Indeed, alone, you could not ask for a time-out whenever you have to do this action. Not to mention the numerous equipment to carry, which often does not count or underestimate.

In short, the answer to the question is very simple: more photographers will be present on the day of your special day, the greater the emotions to remember.